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Spoiler Episode: Pacific Rim Wrap-Up

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Episode Seven

Spoiler Episode: Pacific Rim Wrap-Up

Fair warning, this episode is filled with spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Well, since we blew two whole episodes (mecha and kaiju) talking about what you needed to know before you see Pacific Rim, we figured we might as well spend a even longer third episode telling you what we thought of it.

So, that’s exactly what we did.

Along the way we stumble through a Saved by the Bell cold open, Shawn nearly ends Zach’s marriage, we probably spend a bit too long describing the sound kaiju would make getting it on with various other things, and Captain America’s booty is used as a rating system.

Reference material from the episode:

Guillermo del Toro’s Fresh Air Interview

Booty Man by Tim Wilson


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Pacific Rim Part Two – Mecha!

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Episode Four

Pacific Rim Part Two – Mecha!

In the lead up to the premiere of PACIFIC RIM, the team here at the Unreliable Sources Podcast has taken it upon ourselves to build you a helpful primer as to the major themes of that movie. Those being: kaiju and mecha.

We dealt with the former part of that pair last week, and this week we’re tackling the biggest and smashiest robots in all of mecha.

In this episode we discuss the proper tactics to avoid a rocket punch, declare Mechani-Kong to be the derpiest mecha of them all, name Crotch Gate as the worst name for a future political scandal, and hope that no one ever makes a mecha gnome.

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Reference material from the episode:

The toppled Gundam statue 








Mazinger Z in Spain  



Shawn thinks this


is cooler than this.


(He would be wrong.)


Derpy ol’ Mechani-Kong



Japanese Spider-Man Opening



Oh no! I realized I told you I would post the Robot Jox gifs and totally forgot. So, consider this me making good.



It has brilliant acting and visionary directing.

Oh, and let’s not forget the robotic chainsaw penis.



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