Aww, Yeah. Kirby Style – Part One

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Episode Twelve

Aww, Yeah. Kirby Style – Part One

This week starts off a new, regularly irregular series that’ll focus on three of the greatest artist of the 20th century. Starting off this week, and next, we’re focusing on Jack Kirby, who is generally accepted to be the most important man in comic book history. In this episode, we focus on Jack’s life through the end of the Silver Age and the launch of the Fourth World at DC, try to name as many Jack Kirby creations as we can in sixty seconds, wonder if desperation and deadlines are enough to make up an art style, wonder why all early comic book creator names sound like porn stars, go on the longest Superman tangent ever, and get completely swept up in Jack’s fantastic, hyperbolic imagination.

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Reference material from the episode:


An incomplete but still massive list of comic book characters created by Jack Kirby.


The Jack Kirby documentary.


The Death of Superman covers



The truth about Jack Kirby’s Superman faces being redrawn.


Hispanic Pulp Spider-Woman


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