Aww, Yeah. Kirby Style – Part Two

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Episode Thirteen

Aww, Yeah. Kirby Style – Part Two

Our love letter to Jack Kirby comes to a close as we finally admit that Chris is never, ever, wrong, decide cell washers at Disney should probably have been named culture destroyers, are blown away that Kirby never got bitter despite all the raw deals he was given, name our favorite Kirby creations, realize that Captain America is more important than money, wonder just what the hell Kirby could’ve done if he’d access to Photoshop, and do an awkward teaser of who’s going to be the next artist in this series.

We’re always in your debt, Jack. Thank you for everything.



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And if you liked our special guest, check out his web comic: Let’s Be Friend Again. They just kicked off a new era with a new writer (the enigmatic Adam Warrock) and they’ll be delivering the funnies three times a week.


Reference material from the episode:


The Thundarr the Barbarian opening



Kirby’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles




Super Powers




The Glory Boat




The Fall of the Silver Surfer












The Monsters of Transilvane 




Transilvane Itself




Two of Jack Kirby’s Depictions of God




The Kirby Map from Kamandi/End of Final Crisis



And here’s a random anecdote about Jim Steranko slapping Bob Kane:

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