Clear Off Your Kitchen Tables, It’s Time For Traditional Games!

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Episode Seventeen

Clear Off Your Kitchen Tables, It’s Time For Traditional Games!

Traditional games. You know, the games that kids used to play before the video games took their predecessors out back behind the shed and put a bullet in their head? We’re talking about classic card, dice and board games in this episode; their history, the math behind them, and how we came to be fans of them. But don’t worry, there’s still our usual brand of fun. We start off with a bunch of dice in an old Crown Royal bag, come up with the best idea for a middle-aged woman gambling den, learn that the creators of probability math were degenerate gamblers, point out that while the Moors brought the standard deck of cards to Europe, the Europeans were the ones that made all the face cards white, describe HG Wells as the world’s first grognard, and finally come to understand that learning to play a board game is a perfect metaphor for sex.

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