Pacific Rim Part One – Kaiju!

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Episode Three

Pacific Rim Part One – Kaiju!

In the lead up to the premiere of PACIFIC RIM, the team here at the Unreliable Sources Podcast has taken it upon ourselves to build you a helpful primer as to the major themes of that movie. Those being: kaiju and mecha.

This week we focus on the kaiju half of that pair, those lovable, destructive, gigantic Japanese monsters that are looking to obliterate a city near you.

In this episode we invent a Mothra movie that never existed, sing a horrible rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s true colors, debate if Paul Bunyan is really just an American kaiju, and give you our best kaiju roars!

Tune in next week when we bring you up to speed on mecha and all things giant and robotic

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Reference material from the episode:






That Guy with Glasses: History of the Power Rangers. Note that this is posted in reverse order, so you have to click to the second page to start with the first season.

Zach’s favorite kaiju, Gigan:



Shawn’s two favorite kaiju, SpaceGodzilla and Matango:



Chase’s favorite kaiju, Destroyah:



One comment to Pacific Rim Part One – Kaiju!

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