Cards Against Humanity

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Episode Eight

Cards Against Humanity

This week we’re not focusing on a specific topic, instead we’re playing a game that turns us all into the most offensive people that you’ve ever met: Cards Against Humanity.

And for that reason, we’ve decided to protect ourselves with secret identities. Sort of.

Get ready to be completely offended as Pancho Batwings, Banana Johnson, Code Name: Kids Next Door, Indiana Bones play Cards Against Humanity, explain how they were trolled by a sixty year old man, discover that Indiana Bones has a side job at the Temple of Groom, learn which one of them is uncircumcised, quote the Jesse Spano Caffeine Pill Freakout, and go down a Top Gun rabbit hole no one saw coming.

Reference material from the episode:

Cards Against Humanity can be purchased from Amazon here, or you can download it (legally) as a PDF and print your own here.

Top Gun’s (in)famous volley ball scene:

The Jesse Spano Caffeine Pill Freakout


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