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Episode Fourteen


This week four dudes do a lot of damage to a bottle of Jameson and talk about action movies. We open up with a botched Conan quote, a bunch of bad puns, and honestly goes a bit down hill from there. We take issue with scifi and fantasy movies being lumped into the same nerd trough, have an impromptu toast to Andre the Giant, realize the original title to Star Wars is interchangeable for any indie rock record, our joke accents go south while Zach says a lot of culturally and racially insensitive crap, then we discover that there is a dude in Hollywood that’s made a career out of being dickless or just a dick, name two movies with Gene Simmons, and end up pitching our own action movies.

If you are of legal age and not driving or about to drive, we recommend that when listening to this episode you drink every time you hear us pouring a drink.

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Reference material from the episode:


Raiders of the Lost Ark


Big Trouble in Little China


Die Hard




Ahnold, Wilt Chamberlain, and Andre the Giant




The final fate of  Lo-Pan





Rambo’s increasing death statistics




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