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We go to DragonCon!

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Episode Eleven

We go to DragonCon!

In this special double-sized episode, we take you to DragonCon with us. Along they way you’ll learn that turning off traction control on a suburban is a way to commit suicide, what to do when you feel little grabby hands on your leg, the dangers of hot Kinky and what makes vodka naughty, which bathrooms had a bit too much in common with peep show booths, the services Ernie Hudson will render for twenty bucks, if filching more or less disgusting than felting, what happens when John Barrowman asks you about your grumpy pussy, and if Star Trek’s Captain Sisko is ever asked to sing Sisqo’s “Thong Song”.

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Reference material from the episode:

Laurel’s Cosplay Ignite Memphis Talk


The photos from DragonCon


The reality of the DragonCon dealer room


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