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H.P. Lovecraft – His Geometry is Wrong

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Episode Fifteen

H.P. Lovecraft – His Geometry is Wrong

This week on the Unreliable Sources Podcast, we talk about one of our favorite authors H.P. Lovecraft, a complex and enigmatic figure that introduced the world to Cthulhu and numerous other horrors from beyond time and space. We start off with an attempt at a dramatic reading, have a healthy debate about Lovecraft’s racism, take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about our first Mythos experience, go through all of the games, comics, tv shows, and movies that use Lovecraft’s creations and themes, discover what Cthulhu smells like, remember what happens when you ask for the the Necronomicon in a book store, and who you how to play a Lovecraftian drinking game.

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Reference material from the episode:


The Wiseguys Improv


Cast a Deadly Spell



The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society 

Website. (The Elder Thong.)


The Call of Cthulhu


The Whisperer in Darkness


Places you can read/listen to H.P. Lovecraft stories online

Read: The H.P. Lovecraft Archive | DagonBytes
Listen: LibirVox | Spotify

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