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2013 E3 Wrap-Up, Part One – Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo

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Episode One

2013 E3 Wrap-Up, Part One – Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Unreliable Sources Podcast!

We’re going to start everything off with a wrap of this year’s E3 show. In the first of two episodes we cover the presentations and game lineups from the big three – Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

We make fun of Drivatars, cringe when Microsoft scripts a rape joke, explain how Playstation Plus is the best deal in gaming and learn how Shenmue is responsible for all of those quicktime events that you hate.

The second part will be up next week and we’ll cover EA, UbiSoft, all the rest of the games and give our final E3 summations.

Please let us know what you think about our first episode by leaving us a comment.

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